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Recruitment is a very important process for us. During the meetings we can verify our needs versus the applicants expectations. This is the time, when we do our best to get to know the applicants for a job as good as possible and take the best decision for both parties. Only such attitude gives a chance for long-term and successful cooperation. The whole process can be different depending on the special requirements of given position. Usually it is divided into three stages.

Stage one
This is the moment, when we analyze your application form. We verify the information it contains with regard to the requirements we defined. We pay attention to your education, hitherto experience as well as your motivation to apply for a job to Bausch Helath Poland sp. z o.o.

Stage two
This is a meeting with the Manager where you are interested to work at. During the talk we should supplement the information from your CV and Application Letter, and get to know you, your abilities and expectations. You can learn more on the position you apply for and related responsibilities. Should the meeting have positive result, we invite you for the next stage.

Stage three
Here you shall meet the Senior Manager and the HR representative. This stage is directed to get to know you better, and after common consulting take the most adequate decision. If you are found an adequate person within the whole application process, we shall offer you to sign a contract and you will join our team.

Should you be ready for exciting journey with a friendly team of people with passion, place your application.

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